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KM Collection

“Hello, my name is Teona ( pronounced As Tiana) and I am the PROUD owner of KM Collection! You specialize in natural skin and hair products, cosmetics , lashes, and apparel! Hair serums are currently $10 for 4oz bottles so you can see that power in manifesting a great natural hair care journey !”

“KM Collection Skincare Line called “ the rose collection” is very important , even on the inside, try outr sample Kit and you’ll see results in minutes! And then when you’re ready, boost up to the deluxe kit that will have you feeling even better! Try our lash glam box where you can get a compete gift box for your lashes that include our waterproof lash pen then can be used as a liquid eyeliner, and lash applicator . Very good for beginners, follow my easy three step program to apply our faux minks lashes! Our lashes last up to 30 days especially when u use out lash care kit to keep them looking beautiful, fresh, and still walk around with a statement!”

FMR asks that you share, support, & shop with this amazing business! Here’s a feature you’re sure to enjoy!

1. What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur?

“I enjoy everything about being an entrepreneur! It’s hard work, it’s not easy, everyone has a different journey. Don’t worry about what someone else is doing or not doing, learn from your mistakes and others. Yes you have competition, but look at it as growth. Don’t let anyone or anything discouraged you. Being entrepreneur is a blessing because your building so many skills and qualities you didn’t even thing u had and you don’t need a degree to do it, bc educate yourself though always whether it’s traditional or non traditional! I love every minute of it ! The joy of independence and freedom , not having someone crowding you and you have the narrative, the power to drive your business in the best direction, you have full control! Enjoy the small and large goals at all times and celebrate every milestone!”

2. What makes an entrepreneur successful?

“Motivation, determination, organization, love )passion) , and most importantly GOD! you need to have GOD in everything you do. Manifesting as well! Bc faith without works is dead! You have to believe in your self, GOD will give you an opportunity to see what your suppose to do, he have you this bison for a reason . Do something about it, that’s why u wake up at 4am with ideas , he’s letting you know! Believe in that and in yourself bc nobody will understand you but you! You have to remember the mission, what is the end goal. Keep running and don’t tire out! You determination will surprise you every time! You’ll be surprise what u thought u couldn’t do but then GOD goves you something bigger! Go for it , take some risk but make sure it’s worth it! Stay positive and everything will come in full force!”

“I created this business because I love being a woman, looking in the mirror and trying to see what you can do better to improve, I want women to feel confident and amazing I’m even in their natural state ! You gotta love everything about you! Being a single mother of two, it has taught me that I have two babies watching mommy create their legacy for them so they can enjoy that life is suppose to be fun! If you work hard for the rewards! I want them to see the importance of being their own boss and how it’s all worth it!”

3. How do you plan for your business's future?

“I wrote everything down! I have soooooo many ideas for KM Collection! I can’t even think straight! It’s annoying some times but that’s where motivation comes in. I forget a lot of things so I have to write it down ! All the the bad ideas and good ones. I realize that even the bad ones may not work at this time they can actually work for the future So I never throw them in them in the trash. You have to stay organized, documents etc bc you’re teaching yourself about accountability, responsibility, and patience. I have to use those elements everyday. As an entrepreneur you have so many future goals even when you haven’t passed thru the first goals yet, but that gives you excitement of what’s to come. But write you goals down, write three ways on how to get there, maybe even more and back up ways for each goal. That’s what I do, that’s your manuscript so u can see what u have to do, how do you have to do and set a deadline for yourself and stick to it! Better said than done when life comes in but do I best to get it done at the date or right before!”

4. How do you manage feelings of doubt?

“These feelings come frequently, whether people say it , depression, or how you feel when things don’t go your way or u have to wait for something that u have no control of . Sometimes you can overwhelm Yourself and you don’t even realize it. You can work yourself way too many hours ando you just need a break. Sometimes the breaks can last for a few days or weeks. But don’t hate yourself for it , u need to align yourself with what is important. Make sure you prioritize your time and still have time for yourself, self care your family your friends go out and enjoy life the money will be there, the orders will come in, their education will be ready to be opened and looked at. But sometimes with us being imperfect we tend to keep pushing forward so much that it drives us crazy, you don’t want something that you are so passionate about to be something that you have to walk away from because you’re not getting the actual love that you created for it you’re looking too much of the money aspect of it and that’s something that you don’t want to do. Yes I want to get paid For your passion but you still have to remain humble.”

5. How do you come up with new ideas for your business?

“I take a lot of business classes, I have to stay in the book that’s what helps me with my marketing strategy. I go to special events for entrepreneurs, brunches , etc. I even look on Pinterest! I if I aspire to be just as good as Chanel, Gucci, or any industry I am in, I look at the people that make millions of dollars! I see what they do but put my own twist to it! Pinterest in the best mobile vision board every created , bc you can always type in skincare content or lipgloss content etc and see what captures the mind’s eye and then I do the best I can to be better! I ask for feedback whether it’s positive or negative, I take away what needs to be taken in place to better myself . I don’t want to be consider a “small” business forever , no disrespect but think big! Think outside the box! Never limit yourself and never stay close minded!”

“We are also do a 31 day challenge for the month of March on how to regain our power as women ! Join us live on IG every morning at 6am!”


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