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Krafte Nails by Kalachia

My Name is Kalachia Baker but I go by Klay or Kalay. I’m born & raised in Georgetown, South Carolina. I’m a mother of a 4yr old by the name of Kyson. My love for hair & nails at the time drove me to pursue my dream as a licensed cosmetologist. I then realized I only wanted to do nails so after graduating high school, I worked at local nail salon with a close friend who introduced me to the industry while I attended Horry Georgetown Technical College where I received my associates in Business. After this, the rest is history. Each day, month, & year of business is a blessing & a learning experience. Everyday a new goal is made & I accept a new challenge whether it’s personal or business related. Being a mother and business owner is no joke but i definitely wouldn’t trade it for the world.

1. What skills do you have that have improved since you became an entrepreneur?

“A skill that I’d say I’ve tremendously improved in since becoming an entrepreneur has been my Social Skills. Before my career I was the quiet girl who feared/ never cared to have conversations but thankfully by the grace of god I overcame that fear.”

“There’s never too much knowledge especially if you love what you do.”

2. Who’s an inspiration to you in your industry ?

"Honestly, I don't have a specific person who inspires me in the industry. However, I can say I do follow a lot of nail techs (beginners and vets) who I’m inspired by. They remind me of my worth as a NailTech in this industry.”

3. As a nail tech, how would you advise an new nail tech when it comes to creating policies for clients?

“When it comes to creating policies as a new tech I’d advise them to create their rules & regulations then stand on it immediately!!!! No exceptions. Working for the public you will have a couple that will try to down play your rules but you can not let it happen. Stand on it!!!!!!!!”

4. If you could service your dream client with a freestyle, who would it be and how would you service their nails?

“This is a tricky question for me lol I don't necessarily have a “dream client” But if I was able to do a freestyle set on someone it’ll be between The Stallion or Yung Miami. I chose those two because I don’t think they are scared to be different and they set trends. I’d design them to fit their personality.”

5. How much has specialized education helped you grow in your industry?

“There’s never too much knowledge especially if you love what you do. My education in this industry has grown a lot. I learn something new everyday no matter if it’s dealing with marketing or techniques.”


Social media:

Instagram: @krafteklay_

Tiktok: @krafteklay

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