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KS Essentials

KS Essentials is here to provide you with head to toe healthy products using all natural ingredients. Get ready to replace all your body soaps to hand moisturizers with nourishing vitamins, essential fatty acids, & antioxidants!

Learn more from our amazing feature with the creator herself, Kiara!

1. How do you educate potential customers on your products?

“I create informational post and reels that give insight on what each product is made of and how it can be used.”

2. What social media platforms help you the most?

“The social media platforms that help out the business most are Instagram and Facebook.”


3. If resources were unlimited, who would you benefit most from? Google, Amazon, or YouTube?

“As a small business, I would benefit most from Amazon because they have everything from all product ingredients to the containers I need for each product.”

4. As an entrepreneur, how do you protect your mental health?

“As an entrepreneur protecting your mental health can be a challenge, but just as anything other obstacle that may come in life, I remind myself to keep my head up and push through. As an entrepreneur also a mother, I understand the importance of self care. I can’t give up because I could potentially let my family down. I look at my customers and brand as a family so I make sure I take self care days and reset days to make sure I can always perform at my best. Returning to work is a breeze after putting my health in check first.”

5. When creating products, what factors do you take into consideration?

“When I think of everything I use in my everyday life, I learn to create wonderful natural products to replace the items we purchase from major companies. I want to offer products that I would use on myself and entire family. I usually get feedback on what specific issues my customers and clientele are dealing with and do my research to create the best, natural healing

remedies that is safe for the whole family.”



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