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KTTK: "I am the Manager."

It's very rare these days that small businesses actually show who represents them. Business owners spend 55% of the time just promoting what they are selling or their service. Most will say they don't like to be on camera anyways, but relatability sells in 2021. People love a good story and they love the person who tells it. Here's Part Two of Keys to the Kingdom.

4. " At Least Show Ya Face": People want to know who they're supporting. It's so easy to sell lashes, hair, and makeup. To actually become a brand is the hard part. Yes, someone made you a logo, but that's not who you are. You were a person before the business came along. Basically, create opportunities to go live. Put the camera on you. Whether you do this once a month or twice a week, people want to see you. You could talk about upcoming sales, new products, or just interact with your supporters. Saying thank you for the support goes a long way rather than just asking them to spend money all the time. This lets people know you're real. They can relate.

5. Shooting in the Dark: If someone asks you where do you see your business in 5 years, you'd probably be a little stunned or have a bland answer. We all want to be millionaires and be successful, but we lose reality when we don't set specific goals. Your goals need to be attainable. Whether its something small or big. Set goals you can reach and exceed. When setting your goals, use details, make dates. and hold yourself accountable. If you stick to your goal of gaining 100 followers by the end of the month, YOU NEED TO PUT EFFORT AND ENERGY into doing just that. Don't set a goal and forget about it. Even when it seems like there's no progress. Write them down, keep it with you, put it somewhere you'll always see it and exceed your own expectations.

6. "Who Do You Think You're Talking To?": Who are you selling to? Where are they? What do they look like? How many people are there? These are the necessary questions you need to ask yourself when selling products or services. Your target audience is EVERYONE YOU THINK OR SHOULD BUY YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE. You need to keep up with these people like they are your family. You'll notice their trends, changes, and shifts as the months go by. Before you do any paid promotion, make sure you take the time to learn who you're selling to because it's no use selling lashes to 85 year-olds or doing nails on doctors. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!


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