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Lashing Out CLT

“My name is Erica Irmani, I am the 27 year old She.E.O of Lashing Out Clt, THE 100% Premium Mink Lash Company. I am a mom first and a boss immediately after. I started my businesses out of pain that I turned into passion, as the product of a single parent home, and survivor of domestic violence.There was a point in my life where I realized I wasn't living at my fullest potential, I was valuing myself as highly as I should have, and I wasn't walking in my purpose. Sometimes God will go to the extreme to get your attention but I'm so glad he did! I birthed my first business in 2018, and I haven't stopped since. The sole purpose of my businesses is to not only create a financially free life for myself and my son; but to show others that it can be done, regardless of your circumstances. I want to use my platform and my profit to eventually create solutions for others, and be an inspiration and example of the love God still has in this Earth and what he is still able to do. I believe that when you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you can do anything.”

1. How do you stand out in your industry?

“I stand out in my industry because I have masterminded a way to duplicate my business across different channels within the beauty industry. By collaborating in the strategic way that I do, I am able to reach mass audiences, increase my sales, and maintain my brand integrity regardless of how many times I scale.”

2. What’s a creative way you reach your audience?

“I reach my audience in the same way that has made me stand out, by collaboration. I have made it my mission to put my brand everywhere that my audience frequents, I like to use the phrase "Im in your face, and in your dreams" because everywhere you turn, you're going to see my brand, and in every conversation you have you'll hear one of my business names, and eventually your curiosity will get the best of you and force you to see for yourself and after that I know you'll be hooked.”

“Find peace in letting things go that no longer serve you, and tap in with God.”

3. Who are your top 3 people for inspiration in running your business?

“My first inspiration is God, although he is not a person, God is my biggest cheerleader. He's the voice in my head affirming me that I am everything he called me to be when he spoke me into existence. He's the reassurance everytime doubt creeps, when he reminds me of everything he's help me accomplish in the past. He's the promise keeper everytime I reach a new level regardless of the test and trial it took for me to get there.

-My Second inspiration is my son, a lot of people say their kid saved them, but my son literally saved me from myself. He changed my decision making process because I know that his life depends solely on the choices I make for mine. I want him to grow in the freedom that I'm just now finding.

-My third inspiration is the younger me, I owe that girl so much because she went through things she never deserved. Now that I have found who I truly am, it would be outright disrespectful not to succeed, so that everything she went through will never be in vain.”

4. What’s your best seller & how do you promote it to consistently sell?

“My best seller is the lashes I offer through my MUA Wholesale Program. Though they are the same lashes from my main line, they sell more frequently and in larger quantities due to my MUA Partners that use them. I've coined the phrase, "good lashes sell themselves" because its true. Once my partners' clients get the lashes at their appointment with the MUA, they typically come find me themselves, and shop again or request their favorite style at the next appointment with the MUA. I constantly promote it because my MUA partners are always working, and their clients are always talking about the lashes.”

5. What methods would you recommend for reaching your goals to other entrepreneurs in your industry?

“I would recommend to stay focused, become disciplined, and believe in yourself. Find peace in letting things go that no longer serve you, and tap in with God. Not just because there are cute phrases associated, or certain bible verses sound cool; but really do it so you can be the best version of yourself. The plan he has for you is so much bigger than anything you have planned for yourself but you'll never know that if you don't develop a strong enough relationship with him to find out. Manifesting sounds good, but what if what you're manifesting is the smallest scale of the bigger picture. Its not always about what you want, sometimes its about what he wants for you and the sacrifices you may have to make to get it. Everything isn't going to be fun or easy, but the things worth having never are.”


Erica Irmani, The She.E.O 8105 Old Concord Rd, PO Box 7, Newell, NC 28126 WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK:


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