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Law & Order: Impossible Dream

“The COO of a major tech company is found murdered in Central Park. Price and Maroun work to untangle a web of deceit to expose a cunning narcissist.”

This episode was really blah. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating but it wasn't AMAZING/ I'm still waiting on Dick Wolf to deliver with the reup of this original.

  • This episode is the perfect example why you should never mix business with pleasure because your fiancé just might try to kill you.

  • When there's a lot of money involved, everyone becomes a suspect. With this major player in the medical screening industry, that's definitely a big red flag.

  • I thought it was kind of strange the way Ms. Mamas reacted to finding out that ol' dude was dead. It was almost like "Damn." or "Oh well."

  • When it came to the trial jury selection, I couldn't help but feel some type of way but Price knew the kind of skeptics he needed to sway them.

  • That whole battered woman defense definitely didn't work in her favor because all the lies just kept catching up to her.

  • Did anyone else notice that Bernard & Cosgrove are only in the first 6-10 minutes of the episode then they are MIA? I'm calling Dick Wolf now to discuss the terms of their agreement.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ENGAGING IN MY CONTENT! I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Let me know below if you're watching Law & Order and what you think of the season so far!

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