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Let It Rain Part 1

"say there was no vulnerability

but you never saw that side of me

i poured out to you so heavily

you couldn’t get deeper if you were inside of me

i’m gonna say it

fuckin’ me is only what you create it

yeah we could talk, nothin’ but a lil bit of straightenin’

when i say what i want you might hate it, get frustrated

cause i been biting my tongue

i been enjoying the sun

cause i saw you having your fun

gave you options, you were interested in none

desperation caused situations

communication caused complications

now my hearts seeing it for what it is

and what it’s always been

you might call me a bad habit

would you believe me if i said you could have it

if i needed you & my hand was out, would you grab it

cause we both know stubbornness is a habit

rocky ground, unstable place

i can’t trust myself to open up to you & in the morning still see your face

just for a second, see it from my perspective

other than your heart, what have you protected

conversations to be had

from the outside looking in this situation looks bad

maybe that’s those thoughts again

tryna pick your brain, i can’t even get in

cause i’m just a friend"

Don't forget to check out part 2 of this poem coming soon! Head over to Melanin TV to watch LEXX break down this gem:

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