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Let It Rain Part 2

"now i guess we backtrack

act like we didn’t take it that far, like i didn’t wanna throw this a** back

i already know where the cap’s at

don’t take me back to that place, i’ll drown in that

dwindled down to nothing

saying less than something

you can’t honestly say this quality

seeing you like this is hard on me

from this side i’ve seen it all and then some

i’ve heard it through the grapevine & seen what you’ve done

hiding me is how it feels

good thing i’ve already healed

cause God almost called that, time of death

I didn’t feel like myself, I wanted to be anywhere else

Crying til my eyes burned didn’t help

Funny thing is I was never by myself

It was me & God against everybody else

i’m done with the rhyme i’ve given that enough of my time

i’m just gonna say it like i feel since i’ve always been “real”

how you gonna act like that

why did you come back

just to treat me like that

i know you were raised better than that

you wanted to see if i moved on

see if the guilt was even necessary

i’ve prayed prayers for you i didn’t even have the heart to carry

cause your actions hit heavy

i just hoped by the time i was gone you’d be ready

6 feet deep, somebody bury that journal with me

cause those are the thoughts too real for daylight to see

in all honesty we’re so much alike, that’s why i feel when you can’t sleep at night

that’s how i knew when something wasn’t right

that’s why even in those moments of darkness i wanted to be your light

claiming issues that weren’t for me to fight i might

i just wanted you to be alright

i’ll admit i’m not the best at communication

i stumble over all my thoughts when they want me to say it

kinda grateful i didn’t, this situation wouldn’t be different

you are still gonna do you, move to the beat of your own drum

either i could play along or go write in my phone

in times of need i always felt alone

it’s funny cause at one point you felt like home

i still remember the day i felt you detach, feelings unmatched

i wanna watch it back like Coach Prime

write my own story, new headlines, cause i’m so damn fine

“Lex Finally Gets It” “Lex Starts Her Healing” “Lex Learns From Her Mistakes” “Lex Learns How to Communicate”

personally i think you like the old me, sis was a good time

now she’s all grown up take her in slow like fine wine

4 years is a lot of time, i could still hear me singing if i close my eyes

can’t lie & say i don’t want your head between my thighs

gotta couple tattoos surprise, only for my eyes

i don’t know i can only ask

if you could change it all, would you go back?"



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