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Lo & Co

“Fine Features are a way to see what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. Whether you just made your first sale or celebrating your 5th year in business, there’s always more to learn. These women are extraordinarily amazing. I’m using my brand to shine a light on the beauty behind business! Whether you do nails or sell skincare, Fine Melanin Roses values everything that you are.” - Alexis

FMR asks that you share, support, & shop with this amazing business! Here’s a feature you’re sure to enjoy!

  1. What would you say motivated you to start this business?

“I’ve loved fashion for as long as I can remember. I worked various jobs including retail, sales, and customer service, but could never find the courage to use those skills towards my own business. Fear of failure you know? Then, the pandemic started, it was like a blessing in disguise. Everything closed and I was no longer required to report to my job. I had a lot of time on my hands so I decided to finally go after my dreams.”

2. How important is having a plan when becoming an entrepreneur?

“A plan is very important when running a business. I haven’t always had a plan and that caused my business to be all over the place. Without a plan you’re just kind of winging it. No expectations, no goals, just going with the flow and it might work for some but not me lol. Once I conducted a plan, my business started running as it should.”

3. What mistakes have you made that could’ve been prevented?

“When I first started out I bought so much inventory, and I honestly still have pieces left from then. Now don’t get me wrong business was booming! But, I didn’t have a plan. So I didn’t have a rollout or anticipate the launch of my brand. I just dropped the pieces and my wonderful customers bought them! It worked so well I tried to do again for the next drop (big mistake). I didn’t make nearly as many sales and I didn’t know what to do (because I didn’t have a plan). I got discouraged so I made another big mistake, I stopped promoting! Honestly, the worst thing you can do as a business owner. The saying “out of sight, out of mind” is so true especially in this day and age. You have to stay relevant or the anticipation for your business can drop drastically!”

4. How has the economy affected your business?

“The economy is always really up and down. There are slow times and busy times! I’m just thankful for my customers that chose to spend their money supporting my business!”

5. What would you like people to know about your brand & how it reflects you?

My brand is me. I rebranded so it could best represent me also. My pieces represent my style, unique and one of a kind. It’s very rare you can find them anywhere else. My brand is really for the it girls. The ones who don’t mind being bold or standing out. The girls that get it, get it!”


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