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London B Styles

“LondonB is an Atlanta based Fashion Stylist who’s mission is to serve each client through fashion. Her passion comes from trying to find her own confidence and beauty growing up as a plus size girl and now she is using her own struggles and eye for fashion to help uplift and build women as well as men through fashion across the world. She has niche fro plus size fashion and turning Thrifted pieces into magic. With years of experience with Styling since 2013 with several different body types she makes sure that your experience with her will be unforgettable. Her slogan is “Every sidewalk is a runway” because she truly feels no matter where you are or what you have on it’s the confidence that really matters. Make everywhere you walk your “Runway”

1. What are your strengths?

“I have the ability to take thrifted pieces to create a luxury look.”

2. What's exciting to you about the fashion industry? 

“The most exciting part of my job would have to be being able to make people feel good about themselves especially being a woman that has struggled with low self esteem. My biggest mission is to always give my clients the best experience and to have them walk away with more confidence than they did prior to booking me.”

3. What do you like outside of fashion?

“Fashion is pretty much my fist love and really consumes most of my time. But right after would have to be music. I really enjoy discovering new artists and listening to new music that really has a message.”

4. What skills according to you are necessary for a successful stylist?

“Must be willing to push your clients out of the box. Must know what colors complement certain skin tones. Must be versatile in styling different body types. Build trustworthy relationships with small businesses and retail stores. Have an Artistic ability and creativity, Communication skills, time management and Must be well presented with the ability to market yourself to prospective clients! That is always key !”

5. How do you stay up to date regarding fashion?

“I’m always online shopping looking for new trends. I research brands and see what colors and styles most of them are selling. Being a mini influencer following other Influencers on social media help me keep up with the latest trends! As a stylist simply just going out to malls and boutiques even when you’re not shopping for a client is helpful.”


You can find her on IG: LondonB.Styles

She also has a consignment boutique where you can shop her hand picked Thrifted pieces and or book services at




Also be sure to follow her podcast at

Fashion Talk 101 on IG and Spotify and event page on IG : THE222EVENT


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