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Luxe Room Decor by Denisha

“My name is Denisha Melancon and I am a 25 year old entrepreneur of 2 businesses from Lutcher, La. I am a mom of 2 sets of twins born in the same year and also a rising social media twin mom influencer and YouTuber.”

1. How do you use social media to sell an experience?

“I create eye catching content using tik tok, Instagram, and Facebook reels to reach an audience larger than my following. I advertise my business by using trending sound and showing behind the scenes insights, such as customers reactions to my decor, to sell an experience to potential customers.

2. What’s your most expensive option & how did you come to that value?

“My most expensive option to book is ‘Trust my Decor’ Package which is $1500 for clients in Louisiana. I came to this value when a customer asked me to decorate for their anniversary and she didn’t have a budget. She told me what colors she wanted and said that I can decorate how I want but make it extra. I then came up with the idea of adding a ‘Trust My Decor’ package to my booking site.”

3. How have things changed for your business in the past year?

“I launched my business in January of 2022 and social media really helped me a lot. I grew my Facebook page to almost 900 followers in only 1 month of launching my business from a reels video going viral. I started decorating for Valentine’s Day and as I got more comfortable with my work I began adding on options for birthday and now honeymoons. My fast growing audience is what really pushed me to add on more extravagant events.”

4. What advice would you give someone wanting to learn more about the business?

“My advice to someone want to learn more about business is to keep showing up. When you’re your own boss you have to remember that you business will grow as much as you put into it. You have to be consistent, don’t let a day go by without talking about your products or services. You are the face and name behind your business and you have to promote daily no matter many likes or shares your posts receives. Social media is very big now and you can grow your business for free using it.”

5. In what ways would you promote your business without social media?

“Without social would promote my business by making flyers and placing them in public places such as grocery stores, laundromats, restaurants social boards, and participating in wedding expos. I also would place my business cards inside of gas station card readers and hand out business cards in store while shopping being that adult is my target audience. These are actual ways that I promote my business other than social media.”







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