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Luxury Press

“Hello everyone, My name is Daviah Jennings! I’m a 27-year old Miami native with 10 years of experience as a nail tech/artist. Also, the CEO of “Luxury Press”.”

1. What’s one thing you’d change about the nail industry?

“One thing I’d change about the nail industry is the lack of spotlight or exposure black nail techs/artists receive. Everyday on social media I see so many talented black women in the nail industry and the feedback isn’t strong.”

2. How does your style speak for your brand?

“My style speaks for my brand through my press ons. I like versatility and love luxurious looks. So I exude that in my press ons by creating press ons with nail art ranging from blinged out nails, designer nail art, or soft elegant art.”

3. How do your policies reflect your business?

“The policies I have placed reflect my business appropriately. They are clear and stable. I like for my business to uphold certain standards that customers can understand and respect.”

4. What would you like to tell potential customers that are interested in supporting you?

“My press ons are a great investment. They are hand-painted, reusable, and super convenient. With my press on nails being reusable you are actually saving money as well. Most people spend $50-$100 on acrylic refills or nail fixes a month but with my press ons you can spend $30-$100 and wear them 10+ times! To add on, it’s convenient for last minute occasions. If you have a surprise dinner date or party to attend and your nail tech is booked, you can rely on my press ons. It only takes 5 minutes to apply.”

5. Describe a nail set that would fit your personality!

“A nail set that would fit my personality would be: long, stiletto-shaped nails, and light blue Swarovski crystals fully covered on each nail. I love eye-catching nail styles.”


IG: @theluxurypress

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