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A spiritual stronghold is a thinking pattern that’s harmful because it’s built on falsehood. Strongholds can come from a variety of places: our surroundings, other people, and of course, the forces of darkness directed by our spiritual enemy. They affect our feelings, responses, and freedom. While a stronghold in ancient times was meant to keep enemies out, the forces of evil want to erect a stronghold to prevent negative thought patterns from ever leaving our minds. They work tirelessly, making it vital that we learn how to resist the forces of darkness.

If you wonder what strongholds are in your life, simply ask yourself this question: What negative thing has a strong hold in my life? It could be bitterness, worry, pride, or fear. If it’s ugly and you don’t like it, chances are it’s a stronghold. Once you’ve recognized it, then you find a Scripture that says the opposite and fight it.


It’s a war. A spiritual war to reclaim truth and peace in our minds. We cannot feel our way through spiritual warfare. We must use our greatest weapon—God’s Word. If you believe you’re unloved or unwanted, resist the lie by proclaiming, “I am a co-heir with Christ. I have been chosen by God and adopted as His child.” (Romans 8:17; Ephesians 1:3-7) Saying truth is the easy part; living it takes practice. You may not “feel” like it’s the truth, but it is. Speak it ‘til you feel it. And then when you feel it, keep speaking it because it’s part of your fight in this war.

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