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Miss Independent

"I still want late nights kisses

& the love to pour over into the kitchen

I still need a man who wants me to listen

cause everything he is grasps my attention

Yes I learned to do it on my own

that doesn’t mean I don’t want you calling my phone

& when you leave me alone

I’ll stay warm & ready, so you can call me home

I still want that one of kind feeling

I wanna heal every scar of your being

Let me play nurse, I swear I’d love you the worst

Teach me what you see, I want to learn

Yes you’ve got your opinion & I know the facts

Teach me how you want to be loved as I lie you back

Maybe I’m selfish, I’ve got good love, I can’t help it

I’m willing to give you the playbook, call it leverage

Just because doesn’t mean I don’t need

Just because doesn’t mean I don’t have needs

Just because doesn’t mean I’m all I need

Just because you think you know what I want, you’ve never even met me

Caress me in honey

Cover me like a waterfall with pure intentions

Can you hear me now or did you ever listen

I am of the same place with just a different face."



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