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Misunderstood Novelty

Created exclusively for the BOLD ONES. The words of a independent boss by the name of Yari! Being MISUNDERSTOOD is never a MISUNDERSTANDING, you’re just unique in your own way. Here’s the feature of Misunderstood for a better understanding ✨🤎

Meet the Queen behind Misunderstood, Yari Ári

1. What was your top priority when first starting your business?

”My top priority was honestly myself if you would like to be transparent. I decided to drop out of college to fully focus on my business. I felt like I was in a field and getting a degree in something that I was never going to use ever in my life. When I realized that, my main goal was to get the plan and execute.”

2. What message do you want your business to send to potential customers?

”Misunderstood Novelty is a brand for the BOLD ONES and I created this store as a women who is finding herself & learning more about what energy she holds,where her goals are in life & how can she continue to show herself in her new light. Misunderstood is created for someone who is often misunderstood and feel left out. They want to have a store that understands that being different is okay and you can be yourself no matter what. I sell jewelry and novelty items that cater to men or women that need a confidence boost or just need some cool accessories to stand out like their personality.”

3. What do you think are the top three things that a new entrepreneur should value when starting ?


Mini Milestones


4. Due to the pandemic, how has you had to adjust your business while still meeting your goals?

“I decided to drop out of college last year as the degree I was getting was never my goal. I had such a hard time balancing the two and when I let one go, I felt a little less stressed. The pandemic played a part because of having to just sit at home anyways,and with me dropping school and the mandates and rules, I just started my business back up full time. I don’t condone or recommend my decision to everyone. School is very important and you should definitely get your degree, I just realized that I want my degree in something else and I have to start over and that’s okay. This pandemic has help me shift my mindset and goals for myself and even more so for my brand.”

5. Are you where you want to be? If not, how are you making necessary changes?

“I’m nowhere at all to my fullest potential in my brand and I’m trying hard everyday to get the message across to as many that are willing to listen. I’m learning by taking advice form others in my niche or familiar in my field, I listen to podcasts and read books, I really take my time to try to study more about businesses and marketing.”


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Thank you so much to Misunderstood for allowing FMR to bring awareness to this amazing business with an amazing message! Shop, Share & Support this Queen!


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