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Nothing But Butta

“Lotion is fine, but body butta is better!”

“Fine Features are a way to see what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. To experience the last nights & early mornings in real life. These women are extraordinarily amazing. I’m using my brand to shine a light on the beauty behind business! Whether you do nails or sell skincare, Fine Melanin Roses values everything that you are.” - Alexis

FMR asks that you share, support, & shop with this amazing business! Here’s a feature you’re sure to enjoy!

1. How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

“Nothing But Butta came about one random day when a close friend of mine rubbed against me and immediately went “Girl your skin is so soft!” I told her that I keep my skin moisturized using my own shea butter formula. Of course she told me to bring her some and I decided to amp it up and add a fragrance in hers because she’s extra. From there the orders honestly just began rolling. The scent I’d mixed for her became my best seller “Boujee”.”

2. What is unique about your business?

“Nothing But Butta is unique in many ways, for one it’s aesthetics is one of its own. Gold labels with a simplistic chic looks. My scents are unique as well they’re mixed and blended by me and Boujee is now a patented formula. I also provide whipped sugar scrubs that has the best creamy texture on the planet if I can say so myself lol.”

3. How would you describe your business to a potential client or customer?

“Lotion is fine, but body butta is better! How so? Let’s talk moisture and true healing of the skin, that’s what Nothing But Butta provides and the uniquely blended scents are just a bonus. Our buttas and butta scrubs are created to kiss your skin with hours of moisture and healing properties all while smelling good.”

4. What’s your greatest strength? Greatest weakness?

“My greatest strength is that I won’t stop trying, even on the days where I feel like truly giving up I know I won’t. My resilience to make it through whatever challenge I face is strong.”

5. Tell me about the time you set an extremely hard goal. What did you do to achieve it? Walk me through the process and the purpose.

“Okay so me being my overachieving-self set a goal to post three times a day of social media content. It doesn’t sound hard but it is, especially for me because I’m a perfectionist. So I was analyzing successful social media accounts, seeing what I could do different to catch the eye of the people. I just wanted to gain around 50 followers or so by the end of the day. I spent an entire day from 9am to 7pm shooting content in and outside of my home. I was STRESSED. Praying that the content was good enough to go viral and gain followers. So the next day I posted the content, three times a day like the experts said to do. I received THREE likes, lol THREE. Who wanted to cry? ME. But I trusted the process and just let the defeat take its course and jump back on it the next day. So I did, I pulled another long day of shooting content and posted it. The following day I woke up with 500 likes and 3,000 views on one of my TikTok videos which resulted in someone placing a huge order, talk about having faith and trusting God. I just wanted to gain a few followers, I gained that AND future returning customers. Never give up, no matter what it looks like currently.”


Instagram: @nothingbutbutta

Facebook is @Nothing But Butta



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