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Plush Pot Co.

“Fine Features are a way to see what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. Whether you just made your first sale or celebrating your 5th year in business, there’s always more to learn. These women are extraordinarily amazing. I’m using my brand to shine a light on the beauty behind business! Whether you do nails or sell skincare, Fine Melanin Roses values everything that you are.” - Alexis

FMR asks that you share, support, & shop with this amazing business! Here’s a feature you’re sure to enjoy!

1. How are you planning to remain relevant 5 years from now?

To remain relevant, I listen to my audience and keep up with trends! I want to know what are their needs and wants, and how I can incorporate that into my brand.

2. Do you have strategies to create loyalty in your employees?

“Actually, I am a one-woman show haha!“

3. What are the costs of running a small business new entrepreneurs forget about?

“You forget about the major costs - branding, advertising, marketing etc. It’s easy to create a product and put a label on it, but building that trust and loyalty with your customer is a major investment. Another cost many entrepreneurs might overlook is your own time and effort. It can be easy to give up when you’re not seeing immediate results, but if this is something you are passionate about it won’t feel like work!“

4. How do you set your goals for your business?

“I set “achievable” goals for myself. I make small daily, weekly, and monthly goals. It makes me feel like I am actually accomplishing work without feeling burn out!”

5. How has your mental health changed since becoming an entrepreneur?

“I have learned alot about myself while on this journey of entrepreneurship. I’ve become more self aware and overall want better for myself. I love being creative in my business; I learn so much about myself while doing it!”




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