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Potential Greater Than Effort

"i always find my way back to this place

it tends to open me up and i spill all over my own hands

it’s the coldest thing about me

to be truthful i’ve created a sick way of putting emergency breaks on my feelings

stopping any further damage

yet i keep finding my only loophole and getting through

i’m telling you this but my heart really desires that

it’s a tricky game to play but i just don’t want to trip and fall on my own failures

i’m not certain & neither are you

i think we’re both waiting on answers only we can provide for each other

i’m actually proud of myself for admitting all this

i feel like a numb neutral being

no love language

no love

no vulnerability to dive into

just flesh and tones

now that i’ve had time to watch our reality back i notice all the pitfalls

potential greater than effort most definitely

“it would never work anyways”

who i was then is so much less of who i am now

past tense that’s nonsense

i like to think you’re a better man now

whatever that looks like to you

maybe my love language is my own words articulated so well i fall deeper in love w myself

you deserve to indulge your senses in this flesh and tones"



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