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Public Service Announcement

"For just a minute I wanna get straight to the point

Where I lost it all

Where I found myself

Where I met my new self

Where I found value in intangible wealth

I really am lowkey and to myself

It’s not my problem to be understood by everyone else

I’m still trying to understand myself

My own ticks, my own booms

And y’all got the audacity to assume

Outside of the bloodline, nobody’s ever loved me

Is it too honest to say I want someone to hold me

To notice the differences & console me

To recognize the past when it pops up & hold me

Cause Lord knows I’m scared of ever going back there

I asked a man once of his intentions

I heard nothing as he spoke, thought maybe I was trippin’

I wanna untangle a man, it helps me listen

Catch me under the red lights, you’re tippin’

Cautious not closed off

Hard worker but I love soft

Gentle with everyone’s mental

Figure me out, I’ll give you a hint to

That’s my twin flame baby

Mishandling the blessing drives me crazy

You could probably pay em to hate me

Man’s actions could never change me"

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