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Quick Update!

Hey Queen! I hope you're doing well! I just wanted to lay out how things will be going from this point forward with FMR & Shades of She! The following bullet points are general information which I'll be explaining more in depth as content comes out.

  • Shades of She will continue to drop every Tuesday at 2PM EST! New episode announcements will be posted the Sunday before. You can visit my website to listen to the podcast or your platform of choice!

  • From now on ALL Instagram content will be visual aka videos. It's a lot for me to create duplicate content for two different platforms. Different content performs better on different platforms so I am testing out a new way of reaching you all.

  • Honest Honey will be released once a month. Poems will be posted to the blog twice a month. An upcoming blog posts announcement will be released the first week of each month.

  • I am currently brainstorming ideas for new FMR content as the brand has taken a more self care approach rather than black women in business. I'm still planning to cater to both audiences.

  • Thee Finest Life is not priority right now as Shades of She is getting more attention with each episode.

I am one person doing a lot of things to make FMR all that I've dreamt it to become. I appreciate everyone who watched my videos, shares my posts, interacts with me, supports me and appreciates all that I do to support them 🫶🏽💞

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