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Reason For Beauty Cosmetics

“Reason for Beauty (RFB) Cosmetics is a one stop online shop, for all your cosmetic and beauty needs. At RFB we are beauty enthusiast inspired to make all natural products for black women. As a women ran business, we understand that sometimes it’s hard to have a reason to maintain self care.

At RFB we aspire to give you a reason, even if it’s the smallest to pamper yourself. We are dedicated to bringing our beauties natural, high quality, and hand crafted products.

We aim to bring the latest beauty and skin care products at affordable prices. We are dedicated to enhancing self confidence.”

Please enjoy RFB Cosmetics Feature!

1. What steps do you take to make sure your brand sticks out?

“To make my brand stand out I try to educate my customers and create a environment where people feel comfortable. My brand colors have a deeper meaning too. Purple is the color we wear to promote lupus awareness & I am a lupus survivor.”

2. When creating lipgloss shades, what’s the most important factor?

“The most important factor for me when creating lipgloss shades is to make shades that compliment darker skin tones.”

3. How are your soaps beneficial to potential customers?

“My soaps are beneficial to customers because they are 100% natural and made with high quality ingredients. Having a Bachelors degree in Biology, I’ve done extensive research and have great knowledge of the science behind creating my great products.”

4. Why should a potential customer choose you over another company? “Customers should choose my brand because I have a strong science background, great customer service , and a brand that is both affordable & relatable. My products provide results and are all natural.”

5. What’s to come for your business this year?

I hope to expand my brand this year providing more quality products. I also want to engage more with my community by being involved in local pop up shops & other events.”


Instagram: @rfb.cosmetics


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