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Rich Luxxe Beauty

“Being an entrepreneur is definitely not for the weak!”

That’s it. That’s the caption! Aylissa has created such a confident, empowering women’s brand & you have the opportunity to learn more by checking out her exclusive feature with FMR!

1. When it comes to your site, what’s the most important thing you want potential customers to see?

”When a customer enters my site I want them to see how detailed we were in making we have women who look and are relatable to our customers. Our products are designed and picked for women of color. We want women of color to feel comfortable shopping with us and know we think of them first!”

2. How important are reviews in your industry?

”Reviews are important for all industries but especially for a cosmetic/beauty brand! Reviews create a sense of trust and validate the products ability to deliver as promised. We definitely encourage our customers to leave reviews on our website and Facebook page! They can also DM us as well!”

3. Since 2020, how have you navigated staying optimistic about your success?

”Being an entrepreneur is definitely not for the weak! I truly believe it’s important to surround yourself with like minded women and supportive friends/family! It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel defeated over the number things that need to be done! But your tribe should always motivate and encourage you to keep going forward! Also, daily conversations and prayer with God helps to stay in the right frame of mind!”

4. How do you practice time management?

”Whew, this is a big one and honestly I’m still working on it! I still work a full time job and have two kids so it can definitely be tight on time! Two things that have definitely helped me is doing batch content and scheduling all of content for the week via an app! That way as I’m working or doing things with kids I’m not trying to figure what to post! I’m also looking into some other things as well but I try to do as much as I can on the weekends!”

5. If you had unlimited resources, what would change about your business?

”Aside of offering beauty products I would expand my business to include skin care focused on the concerns of women of color! I struggled with acne in high school all the way until my early twenties. Skin care is really the key to good makeup and beauty application! I will definitely be expanding into the skin care but it’s gonna be a little later but I’ll definitely get there!”

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