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Setting The Standard: Inspired by “I’m That Girl”

"You’re wrong if you think you can check me

Balanced meals daily, money on top, keep it healthy

Get rid of the problem, pass it off to God, never let it stress me

Ok, yes I’ve cried and carried a burden or two

Trust and believe I’d never desire to be you

Cause there’s peace over here, guaranteed

Cause there’s love in overflow, guaranteed

Cause there’s joy in my heart, guaranteed

Faith & trust fulfill my wants and needs

Stayed in my lane never caught your signal

Had to move and upgrade the mental

Spacious rooms and marbled counters

I created this garden so I give myself flowers

It’s the melanin for me

It’s the self love for me

It’s the man above keeping me here for me

It’s the things that have yet to come for me

I am capable of everything

I am deserving of all that I want

I am beautiful

I am enough just as I am"

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