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She’s Crowned Collection

Tamika Bennett is the founder & owner of SHE’s Crowned Collection. She is a proud mom of three and dog mom. She has a Masters in Business Administration and launched SHE’s Crowned Collection in the fall of 2021. She saw a need for ‘flexibility’ in women’s clothing; and created an fashion line that professionally combines both business and after hours attire.

Her vision was to provide an online platform where busy working moms and professional women could shop at their convenience for ‘chic’ business casual attire. She retired from her traditional profession nearly a year ago and has been diligently growing her business since then.


Here’s a glimpse into She’s Crowned Collection!

1. What do you take into consideration when pricing your products and overall costs?

“I take in consideration the quality of the item and the exclusiveness. Is this an item they can purchase any where or is this an item exclusive to my site.”

2. How has inflation affected your business?

“Inflation has caused us to see a price rise in inventory costs and an increase in shipping fees.”

3. What educational skills benefit you as an entrepreneur in this industry?

“Business Instinct, Critical Thinking, Accountability, & Time Management.”

4. How has your business elevated since you started?

“Our existence has elevated. We have grown from just having customers in Arkansas to having customers in several other states. Sales are consistent. We now have people who reach out to work with us or invite us to attend their events. As well as featuring us on their sites!”

5. What advice would you give an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to follow in your footsteps?

“Just start! You can perfect it later. Set goals and start knocking them down one by one. Network and become aquatinted with like minded individuals who will help guide you. Always do your research! It’s very important to know who your target audience is and how to connect with them! Most of all never quit!”



We currently have a dress sale. Dresses are up to 40% off. No code is required. Website is

SOCIAL MEDIA: FB, IG and Tik Tok handles are @shescrownedcollection

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