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“She Seems Unhappy”

MASTERPIECE is a series and ebook all about confronting the flaws we try to hide, dim, or ignore. FMR finds the beauty in becoming transparent with who we are and what makes us the amazing beings we’re changing into every day. When you read these poems, allow yourself to feel the words & find yourself. Thank you so much for your support in FMR!



“I’m not a mad black woman

I’m frustrated with my stagnant expectations of myself

I’m not a mad black woman

I’m fed up with the lies this world continues to push on my plate of problems

I’m not a mad black woman

I’ve just had to swallow another pill of reality without the water of a break

I’m not a mad black woman

It’s just another day that I can’t wait to get through

I’m not a mad black woman

My cycle just started & your presence requires too much from me

I’m not a mad black woman

I’ve just had to take on more than I could bare

Your quick assumptions will always be wrong

Your quiet comments will continue to be heard

But please listen sir

I’ll soar through the skies of tribulations, stress, anxiety, & fly like a carefree bird

Because I’m a black woman”

“Thank you so much for coming to join so many other Queens in this amazing experience! Poetry has found its way into my heart for many years now & I love how openly I’m able to express myself through words, vibes, & my imagination! I hope all of these words touch you & I can’t wait to share more with you!” -LEXX

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