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Shopify vs Wix: What's the Difference?

There's Big Cartel, Etsy, Wix, Squarespace, & a thousand other sites you can use to host your ecommerce store or website. With so many options it's hard to choose the right one for your budget & your brand. Even if you're not ready for all that yet, one day you're going to be so successful that you're going to need a professional site. Keep reading as I explain Shopify & Wix in the simplest terms.

Wix was initially conceived as a solution for building content-based websites, i.e., it aimed to cater for those wishing to build

  • brochure sites

  • blogs

  • photography portfolios

  • news sites

and other websites where conveying information or showcasing content was the key priority.

By contrast, Shopify was specifically designed from the ground up to be a solution for creating an online store.

Regardless of the product backgrounds, technically you can now use either product to create a content-focused website or an online store. But, because of their history, you will probably find that Wix usually remains the better option for building content-heavy websites, and Shopify the better bet for e-commerce.

When it comes to Wix’s paid-for plans, there are 8 available, divided into two categories: ‘Website’ and ‘Business and E-commerce.’

The ‘Website’ plans range from $13 to $39 per month and, as the category name suggests, are focused on allowing you to build a ‘general’ website (the kind of brochure or portfolio sites discussed above).

The ‘Business and E-commerce’ plans range from $23 to $500 per month, and add e-commerce functionality to the mix, meaning that you can sell products on your Wix site.

The full range of the Wix plans is as follows (USD prices are listed below — note that costs vary slightly by country):


  • Combo — $14 per month

  • Unlimited — $18 per month

  • Pro — $23 per month

  • VIP — $39 per month

Business and E-commerce

  • Business Basic — $23 per month

  • Business Unlimited — $27 per month

  • Business VIP — $49 per month

  • Enterprise — custom pricing

Shopify’s pricing structure is a bit simpler than Wix’s. There are five Shopify pricing plans to choose from:

  • 'Shopify Lite' — $9 per month

  • 'Basic Shopify' — $29 per month

  • 'Shopify' — $79 per month

  • 'Advanced Shopify' — $299 per month

  • 'Shopify Plus' — fees are negotiable, but in the region of $2000 per month.

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