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Succeeding by Planting Seeds

KTTK is all about uncovering the hidden gems of business. Too many times we've all had to fall on our face before we learn how not to make the mistakes and spend unnecessary money. I've done the research so you don't have to!

1. Talk to Your Audience: Too many times on social media, the CEO's want to only be about the business but don't understand the business. Your demographic can be described as the surrounding area you live in that you're trying to sell your service or product too. You don't want to sell a 90 year old woman a pair of heels so its important that you know who you're looking for. Survey your audience, look carefully at their demographics, & reply to all comments or questions on social media.

2. Use Building Blocks: Building a brand is WORK. If you're doing the job to 15 people than make you do it carefully. When you post on social media there's a few key things that should be on every post. You need to have a personal hashtag FOR YOUR BUSINESS, a descriptive caption, a link to your site, and a creative hook to draw their attention. Using Facebook Suite for Facebook and Instagram can make it super easy to schedule content so you don't have to spend so much time doing individual thoughtful content prep.


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