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The Closing Statement

standing on the other side of my decision

talk too much anyways i should’ve listened

prolly talkin mad shit i deserve it

blinded by my innocence you knew i was worth it

put an alert out i done lost my baby

call them people up cause i’m on the verge of crazy

know address got plenty access but i won’t go there

a little piece of me hopes you still care

listening to your music just as close as i can be

sleep don’t comes easy but i feel like you’re with me

i fucked up i admit it not gone lie i was really through w it

meant what i said jus not how i said

somebody should’ve stopped me

where was my guardian angel where was my common sense

now i spend every day tryna make sense of this

wonder what you doing wonder who you talkin to

wonder if she cares for you the way i wish you knew i do

gimme my babies i give you permission

thought long and hard about a lot of first you’ve got admission

too real to say out loud to honest to repeat

hope somewhere in the future our paths do meet

please don’t go too far please don’t forget about me

trust me i’m doing anything in my power to have you close to me

sorry doesn’t even fit the situation

we were on the verge of some great

i jus needed a lil education

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