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The KC Collection

“My name is Keturah (Key-tu-ra), and I am the CEO of The KCKollection. The KCKollection hand-poured soy candles spark a vibe by using a unique blend of fragrances that bring a Caribbean aroma to everyone’s home. In 2020, I decided to create unique candles with a twist in a time when we needed them most. The KCKollection has a curated playlist to match each scent that helps you indulge your senses by taking you to the most peaceful depths of your memories triggered by smell and sound.”

1. How do your candle scents resonate with your personality?

“I will say my personality is like a mystery box; I consider myself shy and bubbly; it just depends on who I am around, and I believe that all my fragrances resonate with both sides of me. Trap house, paradise, and naked speak to my shy side. They are soft, light fragrances; however, the playlist attached to these candles is a vibe! Vibes, baecation, and one-night stand are bold and robust, and the playlist attached to them speaks volumes.”

2. How do you feel you stand out in this industry?

“When starting any business, you always want to ensure you check out the “competition” – starting, I knew bath and body works, Yankee candle, and forvr mood was going to be my most prominent competitors. Bath and body works have the OG scents, Yankee candle has a low price point, and forvr mood brings black girl luxury. When curating The KCKollection, I wanted to hit all three aspects while adding uniqueness. I understood that for candle lovers like myself, I wanted an all-around experience. I wanted everyone to have a vibe no matter if they were taking a shower, getting ready for the club, laid up with their boo, or cleaning on the weekend. So I added a music playlist to each 12 oz candle. Each candle name pretty much hints to want will be on the playlist, and my customers love it!”

“The whole journey of starting a business can become scary and overwhelming, the main take away from my experience is that your family and friends are not your target audience.”

3. How has your packaging changed since you started?

“When I first started, I had plain packaging because I couldn’t afford the custom packaging that larger businesses had. I had to realize that it wasn’t a race, and when the time was right, I could upgrade into bigger and better packaging. I changed the size of my vessels, rebranded, and now offer unique packaging that highlights all aspects of my brand.”

4. As an entrepreneur, how do you practice self care?

“Self-care is crucial. As a full-time Ph.D. student working a 9 to 5 while being a business owner, everything can be overwhelming. I always ensure that I treat myself to getting my nails and hair done once a month, along with a facial. I like to run a bath, light one of my candles, relax, and mentally prepare for the month ahead.”

“Understand that your frequent customers will be people you don’t even know and that’s great! Be consistent and be sure to always provide quality in everything you do.”

5. What are your top three scents & how do you promote them?

“Originally my top three scents were Paradise, Baecation, and Trap house; however, I just launched my dessert candle collection, and everyone loves them! I typically promote on Instagram and Tiktok. I love making videos on the process of making a candle to show that this is not for the weak, lol. Most people believe that you melt the wax and add some oil, and boom, a candle is created; however, I wish it was that simple. You need to figure out a whole scientific formula depending on the type of wax (soy, beeswax, paraffin, cocosoy, etc.), the size vessel, and the size wick you use. A wick that’s too small will cause tunneling in your candle, a wick that’s too large will cause the candle to burn too quickly and cause sooting. To summarize, videos help me connect with potential customers while hopefully helping any upcoming candle businesses.”



IG: TheKCKollection_


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