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The Lavish Look

Lavish. Luxurious. Love. Here’s a glimpse into how The Lavish Look came into existence! Be prepared to live your best life once you shop with the blooming business!

  1. How do you market your cosmetics shop differently than others?

"I have a business profile for my business on Instagram, Facebook, and Instagram. I have a different theme for each day that I post which are ways I market on all platforms. For example, on Friday I made a post with the hashtag #FeatureFriday. The post for that day featured one product from my site along with a custom discount code for that day.”

2. How did you create this business?

Since I have a passion for makeup and all things girly, I came up with the idea of starting my own cosmetic line. I believe that everyone, no matter the gender or shade of their skin, should be able to show off their personalilty or style using makeup. I feel like makeup isn't just limited to one gender or one skin tone. Our face is the perfect canvas so why not show off by using makeup?”

3. What makes your products unique?

My products are unique because I have them personally made to my liking. I am able to choose the shades, what goes in them, packaging which I think sets my cosmetic items aside from others. We are cruelty free and vegan.”

“Even if you don't get a like, share, or a comment on any post, keep going because someone somewhere is going to see you business.”

4. How does social media work best for your brand?

I have been using Facebook Ads, and TikTok to promote my business the most. I have recently started making YouTube videos to promote. I do some promoting on Snapchat as well. Some days it works in my favor and some days it doesn't. The Facebook Ads, in my opinion, works the best for me at this moment.”

5. What advice would you give a up and coming business like yours?

“The advice I would give to another business in my category is to keep on going. I believe that this category of business is a lot harder to sell because not everyone wants to wear or buy makeup everyday as they would clothing or other things. Since being close to a year old with my business, I will say that strangers have been more supportive versus those who I know. Even if you don't get a like, share, or a comment on any post, keep going because someone somewhere is going to see you business.”


TikTok: aleahgray0


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