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To The Broken Hearted Beings | To The Finest 05

Love sucks, sometimes. Especially when its purely unintentional & next thing your heart is all jumbled up with the butterflies you promised yourself you weren't going to get. If you've ever gotten your heart broken, I can't imagine what that felt like but I know a similar feeling. Don't be scared to LOVE AGAIN. I know it's easier said than done but seriously. Those people that hurt you don't deserve as much power as you give them. Giving up and becoming cold isn't the answer either so chill out! Just imagine someone willing and ready to love every part of your being. Wholeheartedly invested in you and all that you are. I get chills just thinking about it. It is terrifying to think you might go down the same path, the same lies, the same tears, for it all to go the same way. But what if it didn't. What if life got so much better? What if you started becoming better? What if you saw the world a little differently? What if it just got so good for you that people wouldn't believe who you've become? They always did say love makes you do crazy things. It sounds crazy until it starts happening.

to the finest, LEXX

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