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To Whoever Emptied Themselves For Others | To The Finest 02

Ya'll people amaze me everyday. How is it that just when you think you know someone, they turn out to be so much the opposite of that? I like to think I can get a good feeling about people but these days I don't know. The world we know and live in has corrupted so many of us in so many ways. I'm so scared to truly love. It's like I'd just be waiting for the ball to drop and sadness to follow. This world is definitely 0 stars, I do not recommend. Maybe it's just my old fashioned soul craving something real. I've devoted so much energy & time to people that didn't see the value of my presence until it benefited them. I've fallen for that same play a few times until I realized I was always leaving empty handed and unsatisfied.

to the finest, LEXX

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