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To Whoever Can't Figure It Out | To The Finest 01

Can someone tell me why it seems we love dysfunction?

What is in the air that tells humans to lean in on the troubles of love? It's like we don't want the simple life. I won't lie and say I still have faith there's a person out there for me. I was once convinced I already met him. It could be up for debate who fumbled who. Naturally I'm going to say I am the prize but back then I doubted that and a few other things. I had no boundaries, little confidence in my decisions, & I was willing to go places God might try to stop me from going. I didn't make it easy to care for me. Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing. I needed the disappointment, the lies, the broken trust, the subpar connection, & lack of communication to make me focus on myself. I needed things to fall apart. I actually needed the dysfunction.

xx love LEXX

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