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To Whoever Has An Old Fashioned Soul | To The Finest 05

It's crazy out here in these streets. I'm not in the streets but I hear about the action. Maybe it's just me, but I like old fashioned love. I've dreamed of having that typical life accomplishment style. I've always been in favor of the dogs, significant other, a few babies, etc. It's like oil & water to the times we live in now though. All I'm saying is, don't change sis. Keep that same energy. This world will constantly change, evolve, and become more than we can comprehend. I haven't allowed my morals, values, or standards to shift with the tide and I urge you all not to either. If you've found your forever person, I am truly happy for you. Love is such a beautiful feeling & when its intentional and pure, *chef's kiss*. I won't lie and say I haven't lost a little hope but my faith in God and his plan is so much greater. I'll send my wedding and baby shower invites to the finest Queens of course!

to the finest Queens, LEXX

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