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To Whoever Is Over It At This Point | To The Finest 04

I sincerely hope no one feels like they're too far gone. Life can throw so much at you in the worst times and I can't imagine what any of you may feel like when that happens. I have this outrageous level of optimism that moments will pass, wounds will heal, people will change, & things will get better. Then there's the side of me that's super realistic and sees everything for what it is. I can honestly say everything life has thrown at me has almost broken me and taken my life. I can recall times where I just hoped God would understand why I couldn't be here anymore. It was in the dark times that life has so much power over me that I felt weak, unsettled, fearful, and worried more than ever. I just want to be a reminder to anyone who feels like there's nothing left to life, times have changed for the worst, & every effort you've ever made is falling on deaf ears and hardened hearts. You are a rare gem that just needs a quick polish & a little faith for tomorrow so you can shine.

to the finest, LEXX

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