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"My name is Treana White; I am an up-and-coming Graphic Designer. I have always been a creative girl from birth. I was in foster care for majority of my young life and used writing as my main hobby and that’s where my creativity started. However, I would have never imagined myself taking this hobby and turning it into a career/business ! I went to school for creative writing and social work ! But even then, I was the one who would make all of the designs in any setting I was in from event flyers to logos free of charge, it was always just something I would do because I could and again everyone noticed my creativity. In 2018/2019 I started to get into makeup, it took off and I become a Crayon Cutie for the Crayon Case. The fire from that died down once I got pregnant with my son. In 2020 while 8 months pregnant carrying him my door was kicked in by the FBI, For two years my son's father and I fought through a case for a crime we did not commit. Our home was ruined, jobs gone and we could not get new ones either so we decided to hustle. I had to think of something I could do naturally and try to get some money because by now I had my first child and nothing ! Within one month on an IPhone 6 I had learned how to draw and create portraits digitally so started promoting that, and created I researched and perfected my craft, on February 22,22 the case was finally dismissed ! 3 weeks later I landed a job, with my first check I invested in what held me up when I needed it most which was my creativity! So I Started my LLC for LLC and on June 24, 2022 we received our business license! Now just 3 months later we have built amazing business credit, we have an amazing support group and are launching our second business. I just want people to know that no matter the story you are the author ! And you can make this life anything you dream of !"

I have always been a creative girl from birth.
  1. How have you incorporated modern design into your work? 

"I have incorporated modern design into my work by studying my audience, taking note of what aesthetics they are drawn too and by keeping up with the times while also adding my Owen personal sense of creativity into every design that I do ! I make it a goal that my work is updated yet timeless, classic yet unique."

2. When meeting new clients, how do you recommend new graphic designers set a professional tone?  

"I always recommend greetings ! Send out a professional greeting as well as having a clear invoicing system. And lastly just your interactions, remembering social media gives you access to a plethora of people but also gives those so people access to you so being mindful how we interact with or customers or even potential customers and most importantly how we handle ourselves on social since we wear our brand daily because we are our brand !"

We can choose to sit around all day and talk about our struggles or we can get up and take care of the things we have control over !

3. What would you say is an important aspect of designing graphics?

"The most important part of graphics to me would be creativity! You can learn the basics, like layering and text or shadows but without that creativity it will still miss the IT FACTOR !"

4. What tools do you use to make your process of design more efficient?

"I use my invoicing system, as well as my online payment link which has been a life saver, This link is attached to my website but allows my clients  to input their pricing and information on their own and it’s easy sent to their phone and or email. This has allowed me to send and receive payments directly from my phone and offers my clients multiple forms of payment !"


5. Outside of the business, what would you say is most important for entrepreneurs to maintain in order to stay focused, motivated, & healthy?

"I would say maintain your mindset and drive whether it’s a business endeavor or just life. We can choose to sit around all day and talk about our struggles or we can get up and take care of the things we have control over !"


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