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Under Kontrl

"I started underkontrl in 2018 because I wanted some financial freedom and I wanted to be a "go to" person for people. Everyone around me had something going on and I just felt like I could be doing more. At the time I had a passion for fashion but I wanted to specialize in sleep/loungewear. While researching, I would only see pictures of lingerie and I became intrigued. I decided to go with it and I must say, I don't regret it. Our store offers a variety of styles for all body types. I feel that no matter the size, you can still be sexy. Selling lingerie has allowed me to be more confident but starting this business let's me know that I can do whatever I put my mind to. I try to showcase both through my business."

“Fine Features are a way to see what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. Whether you just made your first sale or celebrating your 5th year in business, there’s always more to learn. These women are extraordinarily amazing. I’m using my brand to shine a light on the beauty behind business! Whether you do nails or sell skincare, Fine Melanin Roses values everything that you are.” - Alexis

1. What’s a positive change you’d like to see this year in the lingerie industry?

"If this was a few years ago, I would definitely say that I would love to see more plus size women in lingerie but I think they're already dominating that. This year I would love to see more women put on lingerie for them not just for their spouse! I feel lingerie has the power to boost our confidence and sexiness!"

2. How does your creativity shine in your business?

"Creativity can definitely increase customer engagement so I try to get creative with themed photoshoots. I like for the shoots to be more then just the setting of a bedroom."

3. In your opinion, what’s an important factor of business?

"A very important factor in business is great customer service. Making sure the customer is satisfied can really help business. I try to reply to emails, handle issues and be of assistance as much as I can. Word of mouth can be an effective marketing tool!"

4. How do you use social media to meet new potential customers ?

"I can truly say that 85% of my customers come from me using social media. I typically post on our business page or engage in different Facebook groups. You have to decide who your audience is and how to target them. I have a mixture of other entrepreneurs and women who want to spice things up."

5. What would the perfect opportunity be for your business?

"The best opportunity for my business would be to design/create my own collection. I would love to have pieces that will scream UNDERKONTRL when you see them!"





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