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Why Aren't My Friendships Lasting? | Respectfully LEXX

Hey Queen! Thank you so much sending me your message & trusting me to be unapologetically honest with you! Let's dive into it!

On a more serious note, I think friendships aren't lasting because people are only connecting out of convenience & potential opportunities to elevate. I don't know when it started or where but it's an unfortunate trend in our society. Social media has definitely influenced that lifestyle and it has spilled into real life. Everyone wants to take whatever you can give them until they run you dry. It could be a trip, money, food, time, or even a ride somewhere. Since the dawn of time, people have taken advantage of each other to get ahead. If you feel like your friendships aren't standing the test of time, see what it may be that's attracting a certain type of person to you. There's enough accountability to go both ways so you start lol! It's okay to be nice and help others in need but don't be so generous that you're left empty handed with no friends.

Respectfully, LEXX!

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