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YMO: I Could Do This For Hours

Have you outgrown a certain food? Are you still a fan of that one show? We all are changing every single year. What once was a fave may now be the last thing on our minds. Let's Talk Self Discovery in modern day society. #hrsandhrs #instagram #facebook

Need help starting your self discovery journey? Allow ME! Take your time, indulge in the changes, and embrace the you that you're growing into!

Whether spurred by a milestone birthday, life upheaval, or simply curiosity, many of us will at some point set out on a quest for greater self-knowledge.

Identify your drifts

Pay close attention to the things you naturally love doing, or drifts, particularly those that are personally expressive. By paying attention to the subconscious pull of these activities, you can allow them to guide you toward your true self, stemming from your genetic makeup, upbringing, and experiences (Pagedar, 2021).

  • Our drifts tend to emerge when the mind is still, so try selecting a quiet day to do some meditation or practice some relaxation techniques.

  • Try to notice activities that cause you to slip into the state of flow, as these often point us toward our drifts.

Mindful self-discovery questions

  1. What’s going on inside your body at the moment (e.g., sensations, flows of energy)?

  2. Is there joy, ease, and lightness in what you are doing at the present moment?

  3. Do you really have any problems right now in this present moment?

  4. Is there anything you can do to change, improve, or remove yourself from a present dissatisfactory situation? If not, how can you move toward accepting your present circumstances?

Reflecting on Three Things This worksheet invites you to explore what defines who you are. These reflections can include statements, objects, roles in life, people you admire, and ambitions.

Download PDF • 89KB

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