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YMO: I Wanna Give You Your Flowers

You know the song. You know the vibes. It's a dream actually. That's when I knew I had to put a twist on it! Hrs & Hrs is officially the #1 R&B song in the country! It speaks for itself. But would you do show this same affection to yourself or do you fall to the waist side for others? Let's talk, sis! #hrsandhrs #instagram #facebook #pinterest

You owe it to yourself to celebrate the woman you are, the woman you're becoming & the lives you are changing. Let me tell you why!

Self-worth is a self-evaluative emotional reaction. It’s a feeling of confidence in our abilities and qualities
  • Self-appreciation is seeing yourself exactly the way you are, valuing yourself for it, and showing yourself compassion and gratitude.

  • If you have a friend who’s having a bad day, you would usually try to turn their situation around by pointing out all the positives that they currently possess.

  • Easy, right? But, when it comes to ourselves, we become more critical and less compassionate, even during the times when we need support the most.

A good rule to follow is: if we wouldn’t say it to our best friend, we probably shouldn’t say it to ourselves, too.

How to appreciate yourself

  1. Step out of your negative thoughts

  2. Accept who you are at this moment

  3. See the goodness in you

  4. Be grateful

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