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You Need to Behave Yourself!

How many times have you vowed to stay off social media so much? Or maybe spend time with family more? Or even lose a few pounds? How's that going for you? Girl, me too!

When we see a problem arise in our lives it's naturally our instinct to solve and attack it. No matter how we do it, we want to get rid of it as soon as possible. We don't really think twice about it possibly happening again or even being a part of something bigger than itself.

Take a tree for example: You see this one ugly branch that is just ruining your vibe in the yard, so you cut it off. The next day you spot the tree outside & it still irks your nerves. Something about that tree is just really pissing you off. Did you solve your problem?

Psalms 119:105 AMP says" Your word is a lamp to my feet, And a light to my path."

In times of frustration, anger, or hurt we are so used to turning to a friend or family member to confide in. They may give you the best advice, but it's nothing compared to what God can do for you. God has all the answers to your problems & knows exactly how you feel so there's no need to express how you feel or tell the whole story again. The Bible has a scripture for EVERYTHING, trust me. Google your feelings or emotions & let God's word speak to you.

For more on this topic see: Philippians 4:8-9, Proverbs 23:7, & 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

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