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Zayna’s Story

“There’s nothing keeping me still. My mama says I won’t let love come home because I don’t have an address. I don’t want to hear that nonsense. Love comes to those who want it. I’m willing to meet love wherever it resides. Staying still doesn’t move mountains. After my last relationship I don’t want to stick around just to run into a reminder that it didn’t work. I’m going to keep moving until I’ve met love halfway. I’ve settled in this place for far too long. I had the sleepless nights, I’ve had bottles of wine in one night, and I’ve even drove with no destination in mind. I wanted to go so many places but only my mind enjoyed the views and locations.

Meanwhile my flesh was supposed to be satisfied with the money, dates, and portions of time set aside for me. It was the scheduled time to talk for me. I was living in the nicest shell and no one saw my pain. Fenty hid it well. I’ve got a full tank of gas & I don’t no where love is but I’m going to keep driving.”

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