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Zelour Luxe

“Hey I’m Jourdan🥰! I’m 21 a mommy of 2💙💖. I live in the metro Atlanta area. I’m the CEO of

Lashes🤩 lip gloss💋 & accessories✨


1. How do you make sure that your products stand out in a dominating industry?

“I make sure to put my face & personality into what ever product I’m marketing. So my potential customers can get comfortable with me.”

2. How do you provide quality before the purchase of your products?

“I test out my products before adding them to my business, if I don’t like the quality of something it won’t be added to my business.”

3. What creative aspects did you incorporate into your business when starting?

“The creation of my business’s names is a combination of my children names. And I have also branded my eyelash packaging with my logo. Eventually every product will have my logo.”

4. If a potential customer was unsure about your business, what would be your sales pitch?

“It depends on what product of mine that they’re unsure of. I will give them a scenario of how my product would solve a problem for them.”

5. How do you plan to grow your business over the next 2 years?

“I plan to do A LOT of networking events, pop up shops, photo shoots, & continue to invest in marketing my business in numerous ways.”


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