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How to Join The Baddie Bulletin

For Classes
$10 per class

Send Alexis an email with full details of your class & graphics must be included.

For Events & Sales
$5 per day

Send all necessary dates, times, & other information to Alexis along with graphics.

Bulletin Babes Information

  • Full payment is due before your event, class, or sale can be added to the calendar. For example, if you're having a 3 day sale or event, FMR  will collect $15. If you're a having a 1 day class, FMR will collect $10. This payment will cover the entirety of your class, event, & sale. 

  • If you'd like your event added a month in advance, $5.00 will be added to the overall cost.

  • Details will only be edited on Sundays to keep the calendar functional & organized

  • Links must be included with any class, sale, or event being added to the calendar. Please double check that your links work prior to sending them to Alexis.

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